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About this blog

After 28 years of preparing students for taking the test, we know the SAT Reasoning Test inside and out. This blog deals with what we know best:  the test itself. We’re here to answer your questions about what the SAT is like, how to prepare for it, how to take it, how to assess your performance afterwards.

Ask your questions

  • At the bottom of each post (middle column) is a button labeled Comments. Clicking the button opens the Comments text box. That’s where you type your question.
  • Don’t worry if your question doesn’t relate to the specific subject of the post. It doesn’t matter.
  • Try to make your question as clear as you can. That helps us respond with  exactly the information you want.

So ask your questions. Fire away!

Read questions and answers we’ve already posted

To help you find previous Q&As, we’ve organized them into categories. Click on one of the categories to see all the posts it covers. You’ll find the links in the sidebar.

  • What the SAT is like
  • Preparing for the SAT
  • Taking the SAT
  • After the test: Assessing your performance
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